Crochet Barbie Top

I wanted to share with you this pretty Barbie top that I made last week. It is really simple and it can be customized to fit any doll.

Materials ~
Tatting thread size 40
0.85mm hook
Snap on button

I started off with a rectangular piece that will run across the chest.

Fc ~ ch 11
R1 to R80 ~ 10 sc

You can place your piece around the doll to make sure it overlaps a little so you can sew on a button later. once you are happy with the length, rotate and work 1 row of sc arcoss the edge of the rows on one side.

For the lace I used this crochet shell stitch pattern from I have repeated the pattern 8 times, and made 3 rows. If you want a crop top you can stop with 2 rows.

Next sew on the button, put it on the doll and mark the places where you want to join the sleeve.

I made the sleeve by making 2 smaller rectangular pieces.

Fc ~ ch10
R1 to R24 ~ 9 sc

Now fold it in half and slip stitch together. Ch1 and attach with the top using 1 or 2 sc's. It should look like this now.

This size fits all 1:6 scale dolls.
It can be altered to fit any doll. Even the pattern for the lace can be switched with any other design. The possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy mking this top for your dolls. 

If you have any question or suggestions post them in the comments section.
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Happy Hooking...!